goodbye 2019

Every year on New Year’s Eve, we say goodbye to the past and hello to what will come in the new year. Like most years, 2019 brought some of the best times and some of the worst. In this post, I will discuss my highly significant moments of 2019 and what I will resolve in 2020.

Obviously, my greatest accomplishment of 2019 is that I finished my last semester of college and graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Industry Studies and a minor in Music Business. This achievement didn’t come easy. It cost a lot of time, hard work, and money, which I’ll be paying off for a long time. If it weren’t for my parents, I would’ve never been able to go to a Private Out-of-State University, traveled to Los Angeles for a semester, or lived on my own. I’m very thankful for my education, but it’s safe to say, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. In October, I started a full-time retail job, but that isn’t my long term plan. After three years of working in retail, I would love nothing more than to have a desk job.

In June, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I decided to get a consultation for a breast reduction and if you didn’t notice, I ended up having the surgery in August. A literal weight was lifted off of my shoulders. The day after surgery, I was feeling better than I have ever felt. Another positive of the surgery is that I can wear clothes that I never could’ve imagined wearing before. If you have questions about the surgery or you’re interested in the surgery for yourself, reach out to me personally. I’m very open about it, but not on a public platform.

As we came closer to the end of the year, one of my coworkers shared that for 2020 she resolves to say, “Yes!” to going out and taking on new adventures. My resolution is to take “Yes!” to the next level. With some discretion, I’ll be saying “Yes!” to:

  • Going out
  • Love
  • New Friendships 
  • Adventure 
  • Opportunity
  • New Music, TV Shows, Movies, Books
  • Hobbies

Follow me on my journey through 2020 and don’t be afraid to say “Yes!”

With this tribute to the end of 2019, I also want to say goodbye to my dear friend, Carla, that we lost in February 2019. This world is a different, less funny place without her and the song “Fergalicious” will never be the same. 


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