i’m REDNECKER than you

As mentioned in my “Tops of 2019” blog post, HARDY’s “HIXTAPE: Vol. 1” is one of my favorite albums. I was fortunate enough to attend his SOLD OUT show at Cannery Ballroom on February 20th. WHAT A NIGHT!

Like most shows, I attended this one by myself. It’s usually easy for me to make friends for the evening with everyone around me. The weird thing about this show was the number of middle-aged women in attendance. A few of the women who pushed their way to the very front of the crowd didn’t even know his most well-known song, “REDNECKER.”

The show started off with Ashland Craft absolutely, slaying “Fishing In The Dark” and “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” along with her own original music. I had only heard of Ashland within the few months leading up to the show and had never listened to her music, but I think big things are going to come to her.

As I prepared for HARDY to make his way to the stage, I, along with everyone else in the room, grabbed a beer, and made friends with my neighbors. My neighbors were Kelly and Kaylee, who came to the show all the way from North Carolina.

HARDY killed his performance. From the highs of “4X4” and the lows of “SIGNED, SOBER YOU,” the crowd continued to go wild, singing every word. He even surprised us with special guests, including Devin Dawson, Hunter Phelps, and Jameson Rodgers. Attending this show is an experience that I’ll never forget. If you get the chance to see HARDY, take it!


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