how my curious mind led to national headlines

As many of you know, I celebrated the one year anniversary of my breast reduction surgery on Friday. I had it on my mind all day long and even posted to Instagram mentioning that it was the best decision of my life. The anniversary was a day for me to recognize my new found confidence in my body, but what happened just before midnight was something I never expected.

That evening I attempted to go to bed early, but due to back pain, I was a little restless and turned my phone back on. I got on Snapchat and went to Daily Mail to get my daily fix of what was going on in my favorite celebrities’ lives. As I passed through the articles, I saw the news that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced they were having another baby. I was super excited for them, but then I remembered that Teigen had a breast implant removal surgery in June. I wondered if she was pregnant when she had the surgery. After doing research online, I couldn’t figure out the timeline of her pregnancy and my curious/confused/concerned self decided to take my question to Twitter.

I tweeted, ”Question… @chrissyteigen just announced she’s pregnant. Before my breast reduction last year, they did a pregnancy test. Was she pregnant when she had her surgery in June? I feel like with her bump she had to be pregnant before that, but I could be wrong. I’m confused.” When I tweeted this, I didn’t think she’d reply.

Within minutes, she had quoted my tweet with ”Oh, it’s quite a story. lol” and my Twitter notifications were flooded with likes, people mentioning they were wondering the same thing, and many people telling me that I was nosey, needed a hobby, and needed to mind my own business.

Here is how Chrissy Teigen explained her story:

When I had my breast reduction, I was given two pregnancy tests even though I was not sexually active. They gave one about a month and a half before surgery and the second the day of surgery. They also confirmed the test results one last time as I laid on the operating table right before they put me to sleep. So to the people who said ”They don’t ’triple check,’” they did in my experience.

As shown above, Teigen mentioned, ”It was negative. It was not negative.” Instead of understanding this as false positive, I took this as potential malpractice by her doctor. She concluded with it was in no way malpractice and at the time, she was in the really small window of pregnancy before it would show on a test.

Even though my tweets were meant in a curious and concerning way, many people took my tweet as malicious. As I mentioned in a later Tweet, ”When celebrities are constantly open about their lives on social media, it is not wrong to ask them a question about it.” Teigen is one celebrity that is very open about her life experiences including going through IVF with her first two children and breastfeeding. I guess to most, tweeting this was a big risk, but I wanted to hear her story. I felt like I related to her just a little bit because of my breast reduction.

Next thing I knew my tweet was trending on Twitter and the story had been picked up by over 17 major tabloids and news outlets including Daily Mail, TMZ, Billboard, and Cosmopolitan. You can find more articles HERE.

Even though this question might not be considered ”socially appropriate,” I’m not sorry for asking it. If Teigen was in any way offended by my tweet, she would not have answered. This story for Teigen is just another reason for women to connect to her authenticity. In the end, all that matters is that her and her baby are both healthy.


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