new music friday: Taylor Swift

The middle schooler deep inside me has never been more excited for an album release. Taylor Swift has finally released Fearless (Taylor’s Version) with six brand new songs, “From The Vault.” I’ve been waiting for this since the day she threatened to re-record all of her albums from her Big Machine contract. All the lyrics are the same ones I used to scream to in the shower or cry to, but now, the songs are grown up and match my age. It has taken me a second to write this because I needed time to hear the production and the words in a way that I haven’t before.

My favorite original “Taylor’s Version” song is “The Way I Loved You” (written by Taylor Swift and John Rich). I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love every re-recorded song, but this song gave me chills that I’ve never had before. The production was clear and more mature. The word pronunciation is immaculate. I was 11 when the original song was released. At the age of 23, I feel connected to this song and the original album again.

My favorite “From The Vault song” is “That’s When (feat. Keith Urban)” (written by Taylor Swift, Brad Warren, and Brett Warren). This song was written years ago, but it has finally been recorded and released, so it does feel young like the rest of the album. Swift and Urban’s energy in the song creates this atmosphere that makes you feel good. I believe this song is the best option for a country radio single.

My special mention is “Untouchable” (written by Taylor Swift, Cary Barlowe, Nathan Barlowe, and Tommy Lee James). When I got my guitar in the 9th grade, this is the first song I learned on my own. I think this is the most underrated Taylor Swift song ever. Her voice in the original sounds like it’s reaching for that untouchable thing, but now, she has finally achieved it.

I have been listening to Taylor Swift since late elementary school. I have attended a concert on every tour since the Fearless Tour. I do not consider myself a Swiftie because I am not on the same level as the Swifties. Taylor Swift continues to blow my mind with the music she releases and the business decisions she makes. She inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams and not let anyone step on them.


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