my new obsession

Quarantine has brought a lot of new TV shows into my life, like Netflix’s Tiger King and Outer Banks, but my latest obsession isn’t what you’d think. My new obsession is Bravo’s Real Housewives. Within two weeks, I have already watched the first seven seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and here’s what I think:

My Favorite Housewives

Kyle Richards

With the 10th season of RHOBH starting on April 15th, Kyle is the only original cast member left after Lisa Vanderpump exited the show last year. Throughout the first seven seasons, we have seen Kyle at her best and her worst. We have seen here kids grow, especially Portia who was two when the show started, we have seen her career grow with her store and producing/building TV shows, and we have seen her relationship with her sisters change. Kyle Richards began her acting career at a young age. She appeared in Little House on the Prairie and a movie I’m still scared of, Halloween. At the beginning of RHOBH, we see her primary job as being a mother to four girls, but throughout the seasons, that changed. Throughout the series, we have seen her struggle in coming to terms with her sister’s drinking problem. Even though her husband is a top tier real estate agent, her life seems to be the most like yours and mine. 

Lisa Vanderpump 

Another long term original cast member, Lisa Vanderpump, is a woman I have heard for years, but never understood who she was. When I went to LA in February, friends recommended that I try one of her restaurants, SUR, Villa Blanca, or PUMP, but due to a lack of time and money, I was unable to participate in this experience. Lisa Vanderpump is a British restauranteur who doesn’t shy from sharing her love of animals, luxury items, and the color pink. Lisa is one of my favorite cast members because she is so over the top. Part of this credit could go to her million-dollar party planner, Kevin Lee. Once I finish RHOBH, I plan on watching Vanderpump Rules to see all the problems that her restaurant staff cause.

Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof only participated in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for three seasons. The reason why she is at the top of my list of cast members is because of her family’s business and how she has participated in it. I had a lot of respect for her when she showed support for the Sacramento Kings, who the Maloof Family owned from 1998-2013, by attending games and being involved with the fans. Unfortunately, in the third season of the show, we learned of her separation from Paul Nassif, who many people know from the show Botched. I was sad to see Adrienne step back from being a cast member, but I loved seeing her appearances in additional seasons. I will also never forget when she washed a chicken with hand soap. 

Erika Girardi

Last, but certainly not least, is Erika Girardi. Working as a cocktail waitress in the 90s, she met her husband, Tom Girardi, who is 32 years her senior. By day, Erika serves as an attorney’s wife, but by night, she is Erika Jayne, a performer with nine #1 US Billboard Dance Club singles. In my eye, Erika is the most stylish housewife, and it doesn’t come easy. When traveling, the housewife brings her three-man glam team so that she’s always on point. Erika is too fabulous for me to handle, and I want to be her when I grow up.

After I finish RHOBH, which Real Housewives series should I watch next?


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