what will 2021 bring?

Like many others, as I counted down, “10, 9, 8, 7,…” to 2020, I thought the new decade was going to bring new experiences and happiness. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I went through a tornado, a global pandemic, changing careers, facing many mental health issues, physical health issues, and financial struggles. I know many people are going through the same troubles as I am, but sometimes I have felt so alone.

In 2020, I started this blog to explore myself, Nashville, and my first love, music. This blog was about choosing me, but I didn’t do that to the extent I’d like. I wanted to put myself before others. I wanted to become closer to my community. I wanted to meet new people. That may seem selfish, but I’ve never focused on what I truly want.

Now, I am looking at 2021 and the future to figure out how to accomplish this. Unfortunately, Covid is not over. But as we overcome this pandemic, I want to take control of my life and enjoy it. I’m going to choose myself every day, but one day each week to trying something new.

I guess this will be my New Years Resolution. Do you have a New Years Resolution?


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