music city series: rosemary & beauty queen

The fact I haven’t talked about Rosemary & Beauty Queen yet is baffling. The first time I went to Rosemary was in January 2020, right before Covid changed our world. Rosemary was the neighborhood house bar of East Nashville where everyone I knew hung out. Now, with the increasing number of Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in Nashville, it is being overrun by tourist on the weekends. I go periodically, but waiting in line is killing the fun. If I wanted to wait in line, I’d go to Broadway.

Now that I’m done with my mini rant, I’ll tell you why I love Rosemary. The first time we went to Rosemary was when I lived in Shelbyhouse, and that night I met one of my best friends, Jess. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I went to Rosemary. I didn’t expect the main house’s Victorian charm or the DJ in the front room. Every time I go to Rosemary, I discover something new. Whether it’s the swings at the rooftop bar or the back room, it’s always surprising.

Last weekend, I went to Rosemary after going to la jackson with Celeste. Somehow all of my very different friend groups were there, which made the night magical. I’ve been going to bed earlier, so when I’m at Rosemary, I tend to drink one too many Red Bulls to keep myself awake. These days the DJ tends to be very hit or miss on the music, which means the dancing is hit or miss.

If you live in Nashville, enjoy Rosemary as much as you want, but if you’re a tourist, expect to meet some salty locals, who wish to enjoy their favorite spot. They set a dress code where you can’t have any props, which stops a lot of Bachelorette parties from entering. Luckily, Rosemary & Beauty Queen will always be the spot where I can have a great night with my friends.


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