podcasts: to listen or not to listen?

Since my Freshman year of college, I have made countless road trips from Nashville to my hometown in North Carolina. Many of these were spent jamming to my favorite tunes or new releases, but over the past few years, music just hasn’t cut it and when I get bored on the road, I get tired. 

At first, I thought I wouldn’t like podcasts. I thought they were just episodes of people talking back and forth to each other with no substance. On my trip back to Nashville after Christmas 2018, I thought I would give podcasts a try. As I scrolled through the Podcasts app on my phone, I found a podcast called Slow Burn

The first season of Slow Burn looks into the Watergate scandal. As I listened to the first episode, “Martha”, I was bored, so I scrolled down to the second season. I read the description of the first episode, “Deal or No Deal”, and the name Monica Lewinsky stood out on my screen. I knew that a podcast about Bill Clinton’s impeachment would be interesting. 

This was when I started to love podcasts. 

After finishing Slow Burn Season 2, I decided to explore more podcasts, like The Black Tapes, Set It Straight with Midland, and Famous Fates. About a year after I started liking podcasts, I found a podcast that was morbid but would make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before. 

Wine & Crime, hosted by three Minnesotans: Lucy, Kenyon, and Amanda, became my favorite podcast. On Christmas Day, I listened to “Ep1 Necrophilia”. Now, January 21st, I am listening to “Ep31 Criminal Profiling”. Even though the topic of each episode is gruesome, these gals bring a lot of humor and sometimes say the most cringeworthy things. Additionally, the podcast is educational and I learn something new from every episode. My favorite episode, so far, is “Ep3 Lesser Known Cults”. Go listen to their podcast to see why I love it so much! 

I never thought that I’d be interested in podcasts. At this point, I’m so addicted that I have to force myself to listen to music. If you have any podcast recommendations, please let me know! I’ll need something to listen to after I finish Wine & Crime’s 150+ episodes.


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