lip lab + blanco

Last week, Tate + Zoey had a corporate girl’s night out for the first time since I started, and it was my first opportunity to meet the EVP in person. We had been planning this night for a while to go to the new Lip Lab at 5th & Broadway and then dinner. When the night came, I put on my Nashville best, aka Lulus Dress and Idyllwind boots, and hit the town!

We met up at Lip Lab, where we got to create our own shade of lipstick! I wanted to go with a pink/neutral shade that I could wear all the time. Each of us had our own look for different occasions. We got to watch Paige actually create our colors based off what we told her which was super cool. She took what we said and turned it into exactly what we wanted. After I chose my final color, I did try a darker color that would stand out, and I may have to go back for it!

After we each finalized our lipsticks, we headed over to dinner at Blanco Concina + Cantina. We had a table at the windows that looked over Broadway. We people watched, and my co-workers helped me scout for a man. I ended up getting the braised chicken enchiladas which were delicious.

All around, it was a 10 out of 10 night. The night was full of laughter and smiles. I’m hoping we get another night like this soon!


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