me + cat stone

If you haven’t heard, I have a new job under my belt: Artist Manager. On July 4th, I was at a rooftop party in Downtown Nashville and ran into my old co-worker, Cat. We started chatting about what we were up to, and I told her I was doing social media and marketing for Tate + Zoey. After telling me she is an artist, she asked if I could help her on social media. She had a release party coming up, and she invited me to come so that we could talk more and I could hear her music. After hearing her powerful vocals, I knew I wanted to work with her. I pitched the idea that I wanted to manage her, and we started working immediately.

Stone released her third single, “Who I Was (Montana Memories),” on July 8th. The song has garnered attention from multiple Spotify Editorial playlists. I wanted to make sure we kept up the momentum of the song, so I put together a lyric video, which you can watch here:

Our next steps are recording for an album to come out in early 2023, booking shows, and pushing a single to radio. We are currently booking a tour in the southeast in mid-October. If you have any venue contacts or recommendations for where Cat should play, please send them to me!

We will be posting shows soon on Cat’s website:!


One thought on “me + cat stone

  1. This is so exciting for you. Don’t know what kind of venue you are looking for but maybe Grove Cartel. They have singers performing


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